AQA for salesforce

Reliable sales data for confident forecasting

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We are a cloud-based, easy to use automated checking service that ensures your sale forecast is built on clean data.

Only 45% of sales leaders and sellers have high confidence in their organization’s forecasting accuracy. One of the main contributors of inaccurate forecasts is poor data quality.

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The State of Sales Operations Report 2020

For Salesforce customers

Increase confidence in sales forecasting

Spot the errors early in your sales pipeline to avoid operational challenges later. AQA highlights anomalies in your Salesforce data giving you the opportunity to correct any errors while the consequences are low or no impact to the wider organization.

For Salesforce partners

Transform forecast reliability for clients

Help clients benefit from the confidence that comes from reliable sales forecasting; when migrating existing sales data into Salesforce and building regular data checks into ongoing sales operations.

Build confidence through data trust

Approach decision-making with confidence through AQA’s automated data quality testing.

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