The AQA team

Introducing the key players behind AQA for Sales Forecasting:

Richie Saville

Richie Saville

Chief Executive Officer
Founder, Board Member

Richie founded Aqaversant to deliver a state-of-the-art data quality solution, designed for non-experts. He is an energetic, problem-solver with over 30 years of experience creating, implementing & deploying enterprise software products in the US, Europe and Asia. Richie taps a wealth of knowledge from creating, financing and growing early-stage technology companies in the USA and UK, combining a unique blend of technical know-how and skills with growth company leadership at executive and board level.

Graig Decker

Craig Decker

Chief Revenue Officer
Investor, Board Member

Craig brings to Aqa over 25 years sales experience leading high profile regional and global sales teams and organisations. Most recently Craig has advised numerous start-ups, sits on the board of a number of technology organisations and is currently the CEO of Akixi, a global tech company providing call and contact analytics. Craig is responsible for nurturing AQA’s sales and GTM strategies as well as building the companies profile through his significant network of contacts.

Norm Thomas

Norm Thomas

Director of Channel and Product
Investor, Board Member

With over 30 years background in technology, more recently with a number of start-ups and organisations undergoing global transformations, Norm provides AQA with experience on implementing technology strategies and platform direction. In addition, Norm is Responsible for building AQA’s customer and partner channel processes. Working alongside the CRO and CEO Norm helps to shape the future of both AQA’s sales and GTM delivery as well as product viability.

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