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Gain confidence in decision making

In today’s uncertain and volatile times, effective and responsive decision-making demands clean, reliable, quality data. Yet only a fraction of company data is trusted, eroding confidence in the information supporting decision-making. For as long as data quality testing requires specialist skills and expensive software, barriers to much broader data testing coverage – and trust – remain.

A better approach to data quality testing

AQA is the only affordable option for maximising your data quality coverage

Manually test sample data sources

  • Limited coverage
  • Requires skilled resources
  • Little or no software costs

Invest in traditional
semi-automated data quality testing solutions

  • Increased coverage
  • Still requires specialist skills and resources
  • Expensive software costs

Invest in automatic data quality testing

  • Maximum coverage
  • No special skills or experience needed
  • Affordable software costs

Introducing AQA Automatic Quality Assurance

AQA is a cloud-based, easy-to-use data quality testing tool for rebuilding trust in your data


Anyone can use AQA so skilled resources are no longer a bottleneck to wider data testing.


AQA’s automation makes it possible to test more data, significantly increasing test coverage.


AQA’s test coverage is exhaustive so you can have the confidence that any errors will be found.


AQA is highly affordable and avoids the need to invest in costly tooling and resources.


AQA encrypts your data, metadata and test results, giving you the assurance that your data is secure.

Build confidence through data trust

Approach decision-making with confidence through AQA’s automated data quality testing.

When to use AQA

AQA’s automatic data quality testing fuels confident decision making across your entire business


Scale your sales pipe with AQA by cleansing deal-making data from the market, social media and other sources before feeding it into your sales organization.


Supply your prospects with the right messaging and content based on different information sources, tested via AQA, ready for your marketing campaigns.


Feed the voice of the customer into your product management, from point of sale to app usage and more, channelling product data through AQA to create delighted customers.


Improve the time to prepare your accounts and fiscal reporting by testing data from multiple sources inside AQA, ensuring you have total transparency.


Coordinate better with suppliers by testing their data in AQA, helping you to outpace your competition by making decisions quicker based on your supply chain’s information.

Get started

Get started with automated data quality testing by creating your free AQA account today

3 easy steps

1. Create my FREE account
2. Upload my tabular data in CSV or XLSX
3. Find the errors in my data